Choosing The Best For Packing Your Cargo

Don’t think that your choice of containers to pack your precious cargo is not going to have a major impact on the way it all reaches your destination. Some people have found in the hard way that opting for cheaply made containers has ultimately done them nothing good, seeing as both the cargo and containers had major damage/punctures upon close inspection by the parties responsible for taking over your goods at their destination port. Due to this, you should probably take some more time picking a relatively good variety of 10, 20 or 40 foot shipping containers for sale by considering all of these important factors before finalizing your pick and paying for it:

Size of Your Shipment
Depending on this, you may want to go for either one of the 10, 20 or 40 foot containers that most sellers have on stock. Bigger containers allow you to pack more inside them, but they also tend to be quite heavy and unsuitable for transporting over long distances. Don’t forget the fact that you can buy multiple small containers instead of a single large one. This decision is probably the best if you think that having more containers is going to be advantageous to you over the long run.

The Nature of the Goods
Shipping wooden furniture and metals is entirely different from shipping delicate glassware or even food products which are sensitive to temperature changes. For the latter type of shipment, procuring yourself some refrigerated shipping containers for sale is essentially a must, while you need to add a lot of padding for fragile items to avoid them from breaking into several pieces during shipping. Wooden furniture is sensitive to moisture levels so that opting for something other than sea freight is a good idea in case the shipment size is small.

The Prices Charged by Your Freight Contractor
How does this affect the type of container you ought to buy or rent? First of all, you should know that the heavier the shipment is, the higher is the price that you are going to be charged. Shipping small containers could be helpful as they tend to be less bulky, thereby saving you some extra weight without compromising on the number of goods you ship in total.

Extra Available Features
You may not know this, but there are plenty of custom containers that are entirely different from the regular ones you often see loaded on ships and machinery. These can have an entirely different set of features that make them a lot more valuable than regular containers, including the addition of extra doors and security locks, smart temperature controlling, the ability to fit larger items or extra reinforcement on top to provide extra security to the package inside. Such containers cost a lot more than their regular counterparts, so it is up to you to decide whether those features are worth the added purchasing cost.refrigerated-transport-service